Loyalty Discount

Here at EZ we really appreciate our clients being happy with the services we offer and deliver, as a big thank you, and to show you our appreciation, as one of our special group, we will give you what no other retailer will (well none that we know of anyway)!

A significant 10% discount, that’s right, on the first anniversary of you becoming our customer, we will give you upon application a 10% discount off your rental of Broadband for the coming year!

But it doesn’t stop there, each year afterwards, we will apply that same discount to your broadband rental by the discounted 10% (total discount applied is 10%).

This represents a huge saving to you and your company over the long term, but we are prepared to put our clients first, and we think that you will appreciate our offering!

And Yes, we know it’s rare, in fact we don’t know of ANY other network supplier who does this, but really, customer loyalty does matter, not only to us, but now, to you as well!

Internet And Broadband Rental Rates

100Mb* Down and up to 4Mb* Up Broadband + Phone £25 per month

Great for small studios or a freelancer.
Perfect for start up companies

100Mb* Down and up to 8Mb* Up Broadband £25 per month

Great for small/medium studios.
Perfect for 2 person companies

100Mb* Down and up to 16Mb* Up Broadband £30 per month

Medium to large company *Perfect all round internet for general studios

100Mb* Down and up to 30Mb* Up Broadband £35 per month

General perfect for using the internet
for Video online media companies

100Mb* Down and up to 100Mb* Up Broadband £POA per month

Large studios of more than 10 persons
when you need loads of internet

1000Mb* Down and up to 1000Mb* Up Broadband £POA per month

Ideal for larger companies
when you're using loads of bandwidth daily

*   Speeds quoted are realistic, but are subject to building cabling quality and TCP/IP overheads, actual speeds are verified upon installation!

Telephony Rental Rates

100Mb* Down and up to 4Mb* Up Broadband + Phone £25 per month

Perfect package when you need both internet and phone

Standard Line £15 per month

(Dial-in, Dial-out) Standard Line

Analogue Line £15 per month

Analogue Line (Dial-in, Dial-out)
If you have a fax you need this

DDI Number £10 per month

(DDI Number)

Internal Line £12 per month

For Internal use and Dial-out only

Spider Phones £ POA



At EZ we are here not just to provide a network service, but were here to help and advise, as such we would like to offer you a complete, one stop solution to your current and future needs, as you grow we will be there to help plan, implement and support you, every step of the way. So with the help offered at EZ we have the following specialized on-site support services available, should you require any of these services, we will need to contact you to clearly define the devices and services in question, along with the support you may need!