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The term Broadband can can be applied to many different media’s and technologies, as it has a broader general meaning, but if we refer to it within the Internet and Telecommunications field. Broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission media, which can concurrently transmit Data, Voice, Video and other frequencies of different types or use.

Our Type of Broadband
So we don’t get too techy, it was originally used using coaxial cable, then optical fibre, and later used on copper media’s such as telephone networks (POTS) using twisted pairs, known generally as a DSL or ADSL line, also sometimes used to describe Wireless broadband. As such many suppliers use the term to describe their deployments! Here at EZ we always use a DEDICATED PHYSICAL LINE (where ever possible), the reason being that it is a fixed media (Why you ask)? As a fixed media, it is not so easily susceptible to tampering or dependant on good external weather conditions, thus providing your company with a stable connection for transferring your data and while it is generally more costly for us to use as the physical media (Co-Ax, Fibre, Twisted-Pair cable) has to initially be physically installed, it gives better overall performance and reliability. 

(Other suppliers may vary from the physical media (Copper, Fiber), and prefer to use Wireless (or Microwave), Lasers and Cellular, now whilst these deployments often initially produce similar results, in terms of speed and usability, at EZ network we believe that non-wired media’s suffer the various drawbacks of non-secure hacking issues,  interrupted down time, atmospheric conditions (extremes in temperature), temporary obstructions including flocks of birds, heavy rain, heavy snow fall or thick fog, Electrical interference (Noise), all these items affecting the performance, as such service will either be degraded, or none existent. 

At EZ Network our ethos and business service is based on providing our customers with IT support and service which achieves and maintains the correct service for them,  only providing “Broadband” that we truly 100% believe in and that all our support / on-site team recommend, not just because they work for EZ Network, but because they believe it provides you the customer, with the best option of speed, connection and security without problems.

We believe in our broadband so much, we created an Early Bird Loyalty Discount scheme, and in the next 12 months we’re planing to increase the bandwidth yet again with an additional leased line into the Digbeth creative quarter area, dedicated to customers.

Please feel free to contact us direct and ask us any questions, or visit our facts page for more answers.

Our Internet And Broadband Lines

All of our broadband is fed from dedicated physical cabling, providing the maximum connectivity benefits and the ability to offer additional bandwidth upgrades.
Additionally all of our Broadband connections offer 100 Mbps downloads (dependant on building cabling quality and TCP/IP header loading) with incremental upload speeds allowing for maximum savings to you!
Unlimited Downloads / Uploads, watch as much Video, listen to as much Music, transfer as much data as you want (all subject to a fair usage policy).

100Mb* Down and up to 4Mb* Up Broadband + Phone £25 per month

Great for small studios or a freelancer.
Perfect for start up companies

100Mb* Down and up to 8Mb* Up Broadband £25 per month

Great for small/medium studios or a freelancer.
Perfect for 2 person companies

100Mb* Down and up to 16Mb* Up Broadband £30 per month

Medium to large company Perfect all round internet for general studios

100Mb* Down and up to 30Mb* Up Broadband £35 per month

General perfect idea when using internet loads
Video online media companies

100Mb* Down and up to 64Mb* Up Broadband £POA per month

Large studios of more than 3 persons
when you need loads of internet

100Mb* Down and up to 100Mb* Up Broadband £POA per month

This is for large used companies
when you using loads of bandwidth daily

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