Using the term ‘Wireless’ is self explanatory, but it is generally used to describe a technology that replaces the need for wires, this means that it is used to describe not just Radio waves, but also (and may be wrongly) that of Optical wireless networks that utilize Lasers to transmit and receive data.

Being a ‘Line Of Sight’ media, it relies basically on that line of sight to maintain it’s usefulness, for with out that line of sight, it’s performance degrades, careful deployment can reduce the long term risks involved, when used externally as it is is subject to not only extreme weather conditions (very cold to very Hot), but also momentary one’s as well (heavy rainfall, heavy snow fall or hail), electrical interference and momentary obstructions (birds, planes, weather balloons), it also needs to be regularly maintained either annually or bi-annually, requiring re-alinement or checking, and cleaning, to maintain it’s full bandwidth.

Most people associate Wireless with the term WiFi, now whilst being almost the same, there is a distinct difference, WiFi deployments are generally internal by nature, generally being inside a building, hence it suffers the misfortune of suffering the degradations of the building, walls and objects within a room where it is deployed (reflections from metal objects, Pipe work, Filing cabinets are but two examples).

At EZ we are backed by a highly qualified and experienced team who can help, not only at the planning and deployment stages, but also in diagnosing WiFi issues, issues such as slow throughput, drop out, interference, and can at your request perform on the spot analysis, or produce a detailed report containing the issues found along with a recommended action in order to resolve those issues, so we are quite able to plan, recommend, diagnose and rectify, both Internal and External Wireless and WiFi issues.

Wireless or WiFi is not recommended as a primary method of communication to a site that has any secured facility, being prone to Interference and tampering means that communication can be easily disrupted, isolating on-site resources from acting, these being alarm systems, security personnel, remote access and surveillance (CCTV), not only leaving a site wide open to attack or entry, but also allowing easy interference or tampering of the actual data being transmitted or received, for illegal, personal or professional gains.

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