Telephony, the humble beginnings of the global communication era, from when we started interacting between ourselves locally and nationally using copper wires, to using Radio waves and Satellites to communicate globally, from telegraphy, to telephones (POTS), and ending with social media along with email and the internet.

Telephony in the modern world encompasses a very broad spectrum of products and services, since the inception of the telephone and the integration of the telephony service with the data service (i.e.VoIP), the divider between Voice and Data is now gone, as the one has now become the other as the signals travel the globe, yes we still hear analogue out the ear piece of the phone, as we are human, but I suppose it will not be long before we are able to interface directly to future communication devices via an implanted chip or something!

Here at EZ we don’t profess to have that knowledge or capability (well not now, at this moment anyway, in the future maybe), but we are able to help with all stages in the planning and roll-out of any small to large deployments of VoIP Telephone devices and systems, being backed by competent team of engineers who have many years of experience in this field and qualifications to match are equally as impressive.

We can also help with deployments of modern enterprise solutions (or small business solutions), entrepreneurs who value and can see the full benefit of “Collaborative” or “Unified” communication systems, these fancy terms refer to a group of functions that allow you:

To make and receive calls using your mobile phone, as though you were in your local office (from all over the world, or just from the coffee shop down the road)

To receive your Telephone Voice messages as an email attachment (Voice Mail)

To send and receive Fax’s electronically, rather than to a physical device, or direct to your email

To interact with your local PC/Laptop to see who is calling you, and to answer or forward those calls accordingly (i.e. receptionist)

To interact with your local PC/Laptop to make or forward calls accordingly (i.e. receptionist)

To interact with systems in call center deployments

Yes, from a single telephone to a full blown ‘Call Center’, we are able to help, with planning, deployment or diagnosing/resolving a problem!

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