Services and Solutions

At EZnetwork1 we believe in breaking services down, no techy jargon or baffling titles that only NASA rocket expert could understand...Only ever providing you the service you need,

Welcome to the home of EZ, here you will find that it is all about taking the stress out of Planning, Ordering and Supporting, your new installation or simply performing an upgrade on your existing network or devices!

We care not just about your custom, but also about you as an individual.

Trust has to be earned and we sincerely hope, we can earn and keep that trust, we promise, to not just deliver what we are prepared to put on paper, but live by our word as well.


At EZ we are here to help you with your enquiry, or quote, to all the many aspects of your order, from product specification and planning, right through to installation and after sales care!

Visit this page to initiate a sales enquiry, or talk to a Pre-sales product specialist who will help with your order process, step by step from product help, through to placing the actual order itself.

Solutions & Services

Solutions to help, not hinder, services include:

  • Broadband
  • WiFi and systems
  • Voice and VoIP
  • Video systems
  • Security & Access
  • Apple Device support
  • PC, Laptop and Server
  • Total packages from Silver, Gold to Platinum
  • Managed services
  • After sales support


  • View the on-line status
  • Service contact numbers
  • Logging in
  • Access or log a Ticket
  • Alter the priority of a ticket
  • Request immediate support
  • Request a call back
  • Request a timed visit
  • General help or advice
  • Download/Uploads
  • Delivery / Returns

Who we are?

Interested in who we are, what we aim to achieve, then this is the place to be:

  • Our promises
  • Our aims
  • Who we are

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